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It was no joke
The man with a ruined face was dressed fashion plate casual.
He didn't belong in Mark Twain Forest.
What are you doing here? thought Kit. And who did you tic off?
A burned cabin stood nearby. Was it the murder scene?
Join the Investigative team:
Cicely "Kit" Kittredge
Ron Guidry
Richard Carter
The 14th Richard Carter novel
(a stand-alone mystery)

Published: New Years Day 2022
(Richard Carter #14)
Note: the Richard Carter novels comprise a series of stand-alone mysteries.
The stories chronical the lives of the Carter family
with each story set about a year apart
so that by #14 Richard and Jill have known each other about 14 years.

Meet Hawthorn County Deputy Richard Carter and Blue Creek Professor Jill Carter.
Their relationship begins with horror and betrayal that should have destroyed one or both of them.
Follow their evolving relationship
as new members are added to their extended informal family,
the first of which is daughter Mirabelle, who proves to be as obsessive as her father
and as intelligent as her mother.


         The Latest Blue Creek Novel           



         Richard Carter #14           


         What Kit thinks is an elaborate April Fools joke          

         is nothing of the sort.


    Thus begins Deputy Cicely "Kit" Kittredge's

                  first case as lead investigator.           



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Richard Carter #14
Kit's John Doe looked fashion-plate casual—except for his horribly burned face.
He didn't belong on the national forest logging trail where he had been dumped.
Neither did a burned cabin and an off-the-grid singles resort.
A thorough search for his identity is fruitless as if his past had been erased.
A home invasion, the disappearance of a local coed, and a curious death at the local college
lead Kit to two cold case abductions in North Carolina.
And the erasures continue.
The Playpretty
Richard Carter #13
Rich boy and poor girl, star-crossed lovers go missing while enjoying an afternoon on the creek. Deputy Richard Carter fears that the inevitable tragedy has occurred involving his canoe rental business. Soon he and the Hawthorn County department receive an odd and frightening message from kidnappers.
Then again, all ransom demands are implied murder threats.           


    Devil's Run

             Richard Carter #12

Sounds of war! Richard Carter awakes from a dream with his combat-trained nerves shouting "Danger!" But his combat was over a decade ago. The early morning sky seems afire, and explosions split the night, rattling much more than the windows of his Blue Creek cabin.

It's only a warehouse fire in the old section of town. At least that's all that it appeared to be until they began recovering the bodies. Three of four partners in a real estate firm are dead, and not by natural causes or by accident.

A lost child in the national forest, a rash of murders and arson fires, and things that are not as they appear near a small creek known as Devil's Run.

Before Richard, Guidry, and Kit can even determine the motive, a discovery forces them to admit that what's going on is too big for the Hawthorn County Sheriff's Department to handle.

Something evil is burning through Hawthorn County.

What do the victims have in common?

And how many will it claim?